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August 22, 2011

Hey folks!

Listen, I apologize if my last post sounded whiny. I am lucky to have a good life and people who care about me, and I am very, very grateful.

1. Little chick is fine. Healthy enough, in fact, to escape her cage at some point yesterday afternoon and eat an entire banana this morning.
2. John first week of the new semester went well and things are proceeding nicely. And he’s going to get a new office soon AND IT EVEN HAS A WINDOW.
3. My back is improving steadily.
4. I thought maybe I had pinkeye, which kept me whining for an additional day, but it seems that I just had a pinkish eye. I took a grotesque close-up photo and was going to post it and ask you all for your diagnoses, but I’ve since thought better of it. You’re welcome.

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