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August 18, 2011

Hey folks! Sorry it’s been a while. Some items:

1. School is back in session as of this week, so John’s been making short visits to his stress cave. After these first couple of weeks, though, I think it’ll be a good semester.

2. I think little chick has a cold, or bird flu or something. A few days ago we woke up to the regular alarm, not the cheep-cheep-cheeping that usually gets us up. During little chick’s field trips to the backyard, she/he was really lethargic and didn’t have any interest in eating bugs or chunks of banana. It was troubling. I did some research on chicken diseases, which are pretty grim. But as of this morning, she’s almost back to her old self. I never thought I’d be glad to hear that incessant cheeping, but it was such a relief when the noise started back up again.

3. A couple of weeks ago I pulled a muscle in my back, which I do not recommend. I’m not completely incapacitated or anything, but the pain makes me grumpy and I haven’t been able to do our kung fu training or running. I didn’t think I’d miss the kung fu as much as I have, it can be pretty grueling, what with all the push-ups and the bruises and did I mention that we train outdoors? So there’s pretty crazy sweating. But I’m finding myself really missing it. John’s over there training right now, and I’m jealous. I don’t think that the style that we’re learning is for everybody, but if you don’t mind some free advice, try some martial arts and see if you don’t like it. If you don’t want to learn to punch people in the throat, try Tai Chi, my mom likes it!

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