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May 27, 2011

I’ve met lots of sweet and wonderful people since moving here. Two of the sweetest are Sophie and Katie, who recently celebrated their ninth and fifth birthdays, respectively. A while ago, I promised them aprons, so I made good on that promise for their birthday presents. AFTER asking permission from their mother. I didn’t want her to think I harbored antifeminist sentiments. I let her know that in my opinion, aprons are for everybody who doesn’t want to mess up their clothes, whether they’re baking cookies, changing the oil in the car or performing brain surgery. Her response was, “Yes, yes, that’s fine. Just make sure Katie’s is pink.”

So here’s what I came up with for Sophie:

And for Katie:The photos are only so-so but you get the idea. I’m loco for the giant rick-rack.

The ladies LOVED their gifts and squealed over them profusely, which is really the best thing that can happen just from sewing an apron.

Although, I do wish they’d let me in on the let’s-make-crazy-faces-for-the-camera plan.

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