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May 27, 2011

Check out this giant delicious gift from our landlady!

John can’t believe it’s almost AS BIG AS HIS HEAD.

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  1. david moss permalink
    May 31, 2011 9:24 am

    Dear Aly & John,
    We love your blog and miss it when we are away. Great to see pictures of you two, your new friends, the great recipes you’ve discovered, your adventures in Guam and the strange animals around the house.
    We made it back from Boston and Vero Beach OK although we missed a flight Saturday due to a late arrival in Atlanta, but saved the moment by calling Elizabeth Leeper. She picked us up, gave us a bed that night and brought us back Sunday morning to continue our flight. We had a great time. That night in Atlanta we went to the house of a friend of hers, Barbara and Chad, and in spite of being in a serious state of jet lag and sleep debt, talked till 10 pm. They both are lifetime peace activists. Chad is about my age and was a pastor most of his life & is now working for the poor as a director of a local Food Bank.
    Mom is doing well, though she is still recovering from her move, which was only 3 weeks previous. She will be 90 soon.
    Uncle Phil, Cedar & I went to the Space Museum at Cape Kennedy one day! The Saturn 5 is awesome!
    It was good to spend time with Erin & Eric too. It is very important for me to see her as much as possible these days. I want to connect with her better and will when we move to Shasta.
    By the way, my brother Chris is hoping to move to Portland soon. His partner, Pam, has applied for a job in a hospital there. She is a finalist in the running at this point and was interviewed in Portland while we were in Florida.
    There is so much to talk about, especially with my work in Sacramento with SafeGround, but I’ve got to send you another letter soon to catch you up. Stay tuned!
    Love, Dad

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