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I scream, you scream…

March 3, 2011

We all scream for ice cream!

I finally got the ice cream maker attachment for the mixer. I’ve been wanting to try some ice cream experiments for a while, and it is a perfect tropical dessert! Maybe not quite as perfect as shave ice, but I’m not ready to make a commitment to that kind of heavy machinery. ALTHOUGH, that could be a million-dollar idea, shave ice is very popular here (there is even a place that will put delicious shave ice ON TOP OF GELATO and it’s amazing), but the flavors are all boring. I could make exciting, gourmet-ish shave ice.

Anyway, before I start my shave-ice empire, I’ll make ice cream. Two flavors so far:

On the left, calamansi (apparently, I’m obsessed), and on the right, coconut. For the calamansi, I pretty much followed this recipe (scroll down). I replaced the lemon with calamansi and cut down the sugar a bit. I really like that you don’t strain out the little flecks of citrus zest. Also, fruit sorbets aren’t hard to find, but fruit ice creams (aside from strawberry) are awesome, but rare. The coconut ice cream is dangerously simple. Here is the recipe. I changed it by adding a splash of vanilla extract and some shredded fresh coconut, but those are optional. It’s delicious and even vegan!

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