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Sheesh. What have I been doing?

December 15, 2010

Yikes, sorry for not updating you, darling reader. You haven’t really missed anything, though. I was just working a lot, and then I went down the rabbit hole of sewing, which, predictably, resulted in ignoring everything else. But! I managed to make two cute cotton dresses and two and a half caftans for tropical lounging. And I’ve cleaned up my sewing messes. I’ll have pictures soon. Hopefully.

Also, I started infusing some vodka with pomelo rind from Mary and Harley’s tree. The tree produces giant, beautiful pomelos, but the flesh of them is sort of dry and not delicious. I’m hoping to get a nice little batch of pomelocello, because it’s fun to say. I should try a batch with calamansi, too. I’m going to have to change my recipe, though, since I can’t find 100-proof booze here.

We leave for California in a week! Hooray!

Also, fitness. It needs to be addressed. John and I have just started couch to 5K, going out early in the morning before it’s too hot. I’ve never tried exercising right after waking up like that, no caffeine or breakfast or anything, but I sort of love it. It really makes a nice start to the day. Also, John is a wonderful, adorable workout buddy. We’re also dabbling in secret kung fu, and I’ve been going to more yoga classes. We’ll see what sticks.

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