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Things that might be boring.

November 17, 2010

Sorry I haven’t updated lately. A lot has been going on:

1. John and I bought another car, a used Nissan Pathfinder. We bought it from local celebrity Jeff Pleadwell of Jeff’s Pirates Cove, a neighborhood spot with a cute bar, lots of tourists, good fish kelaguen and a Wednesday night outdoor yoga class that I go to sometimes. Oh, and free frozen yogurt with every meal. I’m really pleased with the car. I never thought of myself as an SUV driver, but a few months of monsoons and sketchy roads have converted me. Plus we can use it for outdoorsy activities and any more furniture purchases we need to make.

2. On the topic of furniture purchases, we now have a fully-functional guest bed, so visitors are now officially welcome. Guest suite is already booked June 1 through June 14, 2011, by my parents! Hooray!

3. Work has been really busy, which makes me a little crazy inside, but I like getting paid, so.

4. Last Saturday we had a really nice dinner party for two wonderful UOG professor couples who have helped us out enormously. ENORMOUSLY.  The menu: Kabocha squash soup with curry and coconut milk, slow-baked Mahi-Mahi with cilantro sauce and coconut-shallot chutney, stir-fried long beans, roasted eggplant and rice. And for dessert: a knockout calamansi cheesecake. Oh, and the cocktail from earlier this month. The fish I learned from watching Jacques Pepin on TV. What you do is add a little olive oil, salt and pepper to your fish (he uses tuna) and cook it in a very low oven, 200ºF. You can even cook it right on the serving plate. After about 20 minutes (depending on the size) it’s done. It’s great for parties because you don’t have to be babysitting it, and it doesn’t dry out.

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  1. Judy Scott permalink
    November 29, 2010 11:08 am

    Love that Cilantro Sauce! Tell me about the cheesecake when you have a minute – no hurry.
    Had a great chat with your parents. I am enjoying your site. Hope you both are doing great.



  2. arlemonbar permalink*
    December 2, 2010 9:45 am

    Thanks, Judy! I’d love to see you when I’m back in California. And I’ll e-mail you the cheesecake recipe. oxo

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