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Tony the dragon slayer

October 10, 2010

Whoa, you guys. So my neighbor Tony is a really funny, interesting guy. He once told me he could tell I was “pure haole” because of the shape of the bridge of my nose. But that’s beside the point. Today he shows up with this:

HOLY CRAP HE SHOT THIS GIANT MONITOR LIZARD. LIKE, RIGHT NEAR MY HOUSE. Personally, I think it’s a shame, the lizards are beautiful, with these amazing yellow spots* and one of the island’s few native predators. But it was eating a lot of chickens, I guess. And obviously I wasn’t too worked up to say, “Tony, can I take your picture with it?” And after I took the picture above, he goes, “Let’s get one with John, you can tell people he shot it!”

Don’t worry, John Purell’ed his hands before lunch.

*Apparently, the monitor lizards can make nice pets if you catch them young enough. My landlady Linda caught one once and named her Patricia and hand-fed her for a year to try to tame her, but she never relaxed, so Linda let Patricia go back to the jungle.


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